I. I. Rassokhina

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The sera of rabbits immunized with the culture of streptococcus, group A, treated with pepsin were studied by the immunodiffusion methods. The sera intensively reacted with the polysaccharide of the streptococcus, group A, but not with the polysaccharide of the streptococcus of A-variant and with the proteins contained in the hyfrochloric extracts of group(More)
The development of a method suitable for identification of group A streptococci by microprecipitation in gels is described. The method is based on preparation of specific sera containing high antibody levels agains the antigenic determinant characteristic of group A streptococcal polysaccharide. In a comparative study with a counterimmunoelectrophoresis(More)
Investigation of antibodies to the specific determinant of streptococcal group A polysaccharide in indirect immunofluorescence experiments has revealed the existence of a cross-reactive antigen in the epithelial cells of the thymus and skin. This CR antigen is contained by the epithelial cells of man and animals of different species. It has been(More)