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High-molecular albumins and globulins, lipoproteins, and immune complexes are involved in the homeostasis system of the blood plasma. Alterations in the physiological state of the organism, and, particularly, pathological processes are accompanied by shifts in parameters of these subfractions. Traditional methods of investigations generally provide for(More)
The technique methodology of nuclear correction spectroscopy are proposed to solve the tasks of mass medico-biological examinations. From the analysis of 2500 LCS-spectra of blood serum of donors, from various nosologic groups, it is concluded that the LCS method permits to identify risk groups with respect to certain diseases and intoxications, as well as(More)
LCS was performed in 35 patients with mammary cancer, 59 patients with benign breast tumours and 35 healthy people. 39 samples were taken from inhabitants of Odessa, 89 from St.-Petersburg. Differences were discovered between blood plasma spectra of Odessa and St.-Petersburg residents. Spectra of blood plasma in patients with mammary tumours differed from(More)
Experimentat ion on quasielastic light scattering makes it possible to obtain information on the diffuse broadening distribution of the intensity of light scattering of objects, and, correspondingly, on the size distribution of particles in the sample [3]. Laser correlation spectroscopy (LCS) of blood serum employing the methods of reconstruction of on the(More)
Among the methods of pathogenetic treatment of myasthenia, since the 1960s various methods of extracorporeal detoxication of the blood have been extensively used, such as hemodialysis, lymphosorption, plasmapheresis, hemoperfusion, and immunosorption [1-8]. Nevertheless, experience of the use of sorption methods of treatment of patients with myasthenia,(More)
In 30 patients with myasthenia the authors studied the dynamic of changes of subfraction content of the blood serum using the method of laser correlation spectroscopy. Significant changes of the blood serum homeostasis have been revealed in the process of hemosorption. The obtained results make it possible to develop objective criteria for indications to(More)
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