I. I. Makarov

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The analysis of the data published in the special literature indicates that forensic-medical aspects of the injuries inflicted by blank shots fired from a variety of small-arms weapons remain poorly known or virtually unexplored. Despite considerable variability of such injuries, their forensic-medical examination should include three basic components, viz.(More)
The results of analysis of the data presented in the special literature and normative legal documentation indicate that the forensic medical aspects of the injuries inflicted by gunshots of limited-lethality weapons either need to be clarified or remain virtually unexplored. There is the long overdue necessity to consolidate efforts of forensic medical(More)
The systemic analysis of forensic medical practice in Moscow during the past 15 years has demonstrated the scientific, practical, and social significance of expertise of peace-time blast injuries resulting from many terrorist attacks with the use of improvised high-capacity explosive devices that caused multiple human victims. The authors emphasize the(More)
This paper reports the results of analysis of the data obtained in experimental studies and practical expert assessments of body injuries inflicted by rubber balls for traumatic weapons. The causes accounting for the polymorphism of such injuries and the mechanisms of their development were elucidated by means of damage simulation taking into consideration(More)
The authors discuss the objective potential of situational forensic medical expertise for the determination of the direction and the distance of a gunshot as well as the position of the gun in the shooter's hand. The use of fundamental theoretical propositions determining the essence of the form of expertise being considered is illustrated by an example(More)
Quantitative characteristics and application of different spectral methods are compared in experiment. Stab and gunshot wounds were studied by roentgenospectral fluorescent and emission spectral analyses. The above spectral methods detected significant quantities of alien material on the wounds depending on the kind of the weapon.
The data available from the forensic medical practice do not allow the comprehensive, objective, and reliable assessment of injuries to the human body and damages to the clothes inflicted by the shots from a 9 millimeter (.357) or higher-caliber pneumatic rifle equipped with the pre-charge pneumatic system. The use of bullets of specific structure and(More)