I. I. Kutateladze

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We studied the effects of morphine in high doses on astrocytes in the nucleus accumbens, lateral septum, and caudate nucleus of rat brain. Activation of astrocytes in the nucleus accumbens and lateral septal nucleus was manifested in hyperplasia and elongation of astrocyte processes. In the caudate nucleus, the total length of astrocyte processes and(More)
Application of s t rychnine to the c e r e b r a l cor tex leds to u l t r a s t ruc tu r a l changes in the cel ls and neuropil . Disorganizat ion of the in te rce l lu la r spaces is observed, with the fo rmat ion of many m a r k e d swell ings of the dendr i tes and glial p r o c e s s e s and invagination and tor tuos i ty of the cy top lasmic m e m b r(More)
Ultrastructure of axo-dendritic and axo-spinous synapses in upper layers of cat brain gyrus suprasylvii was studied in 10, 30 and 90 min application of 0.1% strychnine nitrate and also 2.5 and 5 hrs after 90 min long use of strychnine. Portion of active synaptic contacts was found to grow higher in 10 and 30 min application and smaller during and 2.5 hrs(More)
An underlying factor in the genesis of cortical epileptic convulsions is the increased activation of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, occurring either as a result of strong direct cortical stimulation or extreme increases in cortical excitability. On exposure to pharmacological agents which induce excitation of neural elements, epileptic convulsions(More)
The fine structure of upper layer of axodendritic synapses of the cat cerebral cortex was studied during 10, 45 and 90 minute applications of aminazine, and also 2.5 and 5 hours after the cessation of the 90 minute application. During the 10 and 45 minute applications no clear-cut changes are observed in the ultrastructure of the synapses. 90 minutes after(More)
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