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Neurovirulence of the attenuated strains of Langat TP-21 virus was tested in monkeys of 5 species: M. mulatta, M. fascicularis, M. nemestrina, C. aethiops, and P. hamadryas. The individual susceptibility of the animals to the infection varied but there was no difference in species susceptibility. The monkeys were more susceptible to intraspinal than to(More)
The comparative, semiquantitative, pathomorphological study of the neurovirulence of clones of Elantsev virus and Langat virus TP-21 for intracerebrally infected monkeys has been carried out. The study has revealed that the viruses may be differentiated by their neurovirulence for primates according to the average statistical data on the degree of(More)
Clones of Langat TP-21 virus with neurovirulence for primates much lower than that of Elantsev 15-20/3 strain may be obtained by threshold dilutions method on mice. Neurovirulence for monkeys of L1-L5 clones of Langat TP-21 virus obtained at our laboratory was similar to neurovirulence of A.Sabin's type III vaccinal poliomyelitis virus. Attenuated clones of(More)