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The huge development of new technologies and the apparition of more and more sophisticated open communication system creates a new challenge to protect digital content from piracy. Digital watermarking is a research axis and a new technique suggested as a solution to these problems. This technique consists of inserting an identification information(More)
The Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is widely known device which have low coefficient of performance (COP) as compare to the conventional compressed refrigerator. However, it is suitable for portable refrigeration that requires light weight, small and fast control. Therefore, the proportional integral derivatives (PID) control was implemented to control input(More)
Security in the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is based on usingpublic-key cryptosystems such as RSA cryptosystem. This system has two problems, the decryption process is slow and it is insecure due to some known attacks such as common modulus attack and low exponent attack. Tsuyoshi Takagi presented a new public-key cryptosystem with fast decryption(More)
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