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The authors present an experimental and analytical study of the deformations and break-up of large water droplets, approximately 1.5 cm in. diameter, generated in microgravity and subjected to an electric field. The deformations were recorded on films taken with a high-speed camera on two KC-135 flights. The films show that under the electric field forces(More)
This paper presents a charge exchange model of contact charging, based on surface state theory, between classes of insulating polymer particles. The goal of this model is to predict the average charge per particle by computing the overall charge exchange between different classes of particles until the system reaches equilibrium and charge exchange ceases.(More)
The authors present the results of an experimental study of the processes which lead to the breakup of a large water droplet, doped with alcohol to approach the density of oil, and immersed in an oil dielectric medium to which a strong electric field is applied. The study, carried out by photography, showed that the deformation of the droplets prior to(More)
It is well known that particles can be freely levitated in an electric field due to the charge induced on the particles by the external field. The charge depends upon the electric field strength and particle properties. This paper studies some of these factors to investigate the fundamentals of induction charging for granular materials. An experimental(More)
The gas compositions and the dust loadings of two cement plants were investigated. The samples were taken at the inlet and the outlet of the electrostatic precipitators and then analyzed on a gas chromatograph. The measured gas concentrations were used as a basis for flammability tests in order to verify or correct existing safe operation limits for the(More)
An experimental study of the dynamics of the deformation and breakup of a sessile droplet placed on a plane electrode made out of polished brass or aluminum is described. The breakup was filmed with a high-speed camera at 2000 frames per second. Film frames are presented, showing, at definite intervals, the apex and resting angles of the Taylor cone(More)
The authors present laboratory test results for a method of consolidation of clay soils by means of dielectrophoresis. A system of electrodes consisting of an array of insulated, AC high-voltage electrodes, interspersed with electrodes maintained at ground potential, and mounted in holes drilled in clay mass of 27*27*27 cm/sup 3/ was shown to achieve(More)
Tests have been carried out to determine the feasibility of dissipating smoke in an enclosed room by means of very fine charged-water-droplet aerosols. Dissipation times were compared for charged and uncharged water spray injected from an ultrasonic nozzle. The results show that under certain conditions the charged water spray dissipated the smoke to(More)
A study of the effectiveness of electrostatic extraction of the KCl fraction from the potash ore by additive enhanced triboelectrification is presented. The separation process depends on adequate triboelectrification between the KaCl and NaCl fractions. The authors use reagents added to the ore and study their influence on the beneficiation effects. The(More)