I. I. Gubaydullin

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A new method of site-directed mutagenesis was developed to allow manipulation with extended plasmid-cloned gene fragments irrespective of their position and the presence of restriction sites. The method was used to obtain chimeric constructs encoding a Pisum sativum lectin with the native carbohydrate-binding region replaced by its counterpart from other(More)
The dependence of secretion efficiency in Pichia pastoris cells on the copy number of proregions in leader polypeptides has been studied. The humanized light kappa-chain of the murine H3-1 antibody was used as a reporter protein. The leader pre-pro-polypeptides were composed of the signal peptide (preregion) from the α-factor precursors of Saccharomyces(More)
The modified asparaginase Was79 was derived from the recombinant wild-type L-asparaginase of Wolinella succinogenes. The Was79 contains the amino acid substitutions V23Q and K24T responsible for the resistance to trypsinolysis and the N-terminal heparin-binding peptide KRKKKGKGLGKKR responsible for the binding to heparin and tumor K562 cells in vitro. When(More)
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