I-Hsi Daniel Lu

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Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have emerged as a new class of two-dimensional materials that are promising for electronics and photonics. To date, optoelectronic measurements in these materials have shown the conventional behavior expected from photoconductors such as a linear or sublinear dependence of the photocurrent on light intensity. Here, we(More)
The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) single-layer films onto periodically poled lithium niobate is possible while maintaining the substrate polarization pattern. The MoS2 growth exhibits a preference for the ferroelectric domains polarized "up" with respect to the surface so that the MoS2 film may be templated by the substrate(More)
Lithium niobate is the archetypical ferroelectric material and the substrate of choice for numerous applications including surface acoustic wave radio frequencies devices and integrated optics. It offers a unique combination of substantial piezoelectric and birefringent properties, yet its lack of optical activity and semiconducting transport hamper(More)
Chemical vapor deposition allows the preparation of few-layer films of MoTe2 in three distinct structural phases depending on the growth quench temperature: 2H, 1T', and 1T. We present experimental and computed Raman spectra for each of the phases and utilize transport measurements to explore the properties of the 1T MoTe2 phase. Density functional theory(More)
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