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In the past decade, we observed the trend of technological advancement towards the field of portable electronics. As electronic devices shrink in size, constraints emerge in the form of limited power supply and area for the implementation of information security mechanisms. In this work, our goal is to produce a complete AES block cipher for data encryption(More)
An adaptive gain sliding mode observer (AGSMO) for battery state of charge (SOC) estimation based on a combined battery equivalent circuit model (CBECM) is presented. The errors convergences of the AGSMO for the SOC estimation are proved by Lyapunov stability theory. The AGSMO has a capability of compensating modeling errors caused by the parameters(More)
In this paper, we present a fully pipelined parallel implementation of a two dimensional (2D) Discrete Pascal Transform (DPT). Our approach rst makes use of the properties of the Kronecker product and the vec operation on matrices to form an alternate 2D DPT representation suitable for column parallel computation. Next, we lend ourselves to the results from(More)
With the increasing wind power penetration, the wind farms are directly influencing the power systems. The majority of wind farms are using variable speed wind turbines equipped with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) due to their advantages over other wind turbine generators. Therefore, the analysis of wind power dynamics with the DFIG wind turbines(More)
Composite field arithmetic (CFA) has been widely used in designing combinatorial logic circuits for the S-Box function in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in order to mitigate the performance bottleneck in VLSI implementation. In this work, we first categorize all of the possible composite field AES S-box constructions into four main architectures(More)
A substitution box (S-box) plays a crucial role in symmetric key cryptography with block ciphers, such as those found in the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It serves as the predominant component in most block ciphers, of which the computational complexity impacts the security of the ciphers directly. In essence, a(More)
The recent increase of resource-constrained embedded devices have led to the need of lightweight cryptography. Therefore, the design of secure communication algorithms that fit in this highly constrained environments has become a fundamental issue in cryptographic circuit design. In this paper, we propose an optimization methodology that would efficiently(More)
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