I Hasse-Sander

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The Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) is widely used in scientific research as well as in clinical practice. But there exists little research on the structure of the AVLT. We investigated the structure of a German version of the AVLT and VLMT, in 232 patients of a psychiatric clinic and in 872 patients of an epileptologic clinic. First we stated a(More)
Within the context of an extensive study of electroconvulsive therapy at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Bonn 15 patients suffering from therapy-resistant Major depression (DSM III-R) were examined with a detailed psychometric test battery, containing memory- and nonmemory tests. The test battery had been applied short time before, during and(More)
The assessment of an edentate patient's ability to adapt to new dentures is still a problem in prosthetic treatment. In this study the oral and manual motor abilities were compared with a patient's ability to adapt in 60 experienced denture wearers who had new dentures inserted 2-3 weeks before the experiment. To assess the oral muscular co-ordination(More)
The assessment of a patient's capability to adapt to new dentures is still a challenge in the prosthetic treatment of geriatric patients. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship of age to manual motor ability as well as the mental concentration capacity in comparison to the oral motor ability and the capability to adapt to new dentures. Sixty(More)
Three groups of schizophrenic diseases which cannot be differentiated with regard to psychopathological cross-section syndromes were investigated by psychological tests: one group (22 cases) of reversible postpsychotic basic stages and two groups of pure residual syndromes with an average duration of disease of 9.3 years (20 cases) and 17.5 years (21(More)
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