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BACKGROUND Surgery is an essential part of health care, but resources to ensure the availability of surgical services are often inadequate. We estimated the global distribution of operating theatres and quantified the availability of pulse oximetry, which is an essential monitoring device during surgery and a potential measure of operating theatre(More)
We describe the use of a questionnaire to define the difficulties in providing anaesthesia in Uganda. The results show that 23% of anaesthetists have the facilities to deliver safe anaesthesia to an adult, 13% to deliver safe anaesthesia to a child and 6% to deliver safe anaesthesia for a Caesarean section. The questionnaire identified shortages of(More)
INTRODUCTION It is unknown whether resources necessary to implement the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines and sepsis bundles are available in Africa. This self-reported, continent-wide survey compared the availability of these resources between African and high-income countries, and between two African regions (Sub-Sahara Africa vs. South Africa,(More)
OBJECTIVE to study paediatric surgery rates in south-western Uganda, compare them to rates in England, and determine if existing surgical facilities and workforce meet World Health Organization (WHO) standards. METHODS to obtain information on surgical facilities and workforce, we conducted a cross-sectional survey of all hospitals performing major(More)
These standards A are recommended for anesthesia professionals throughout the world. They are intended to provide guidance and assistance to anesthesia professionals, their professional societies, hospital and facility administrators, and governments for improving and maintaining the quality and safety of anesthesia care. They were adopted by the World(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess if secondary and tertiary hospitals in Mongolia have the resources needed to implement the 2008 Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) guidelines. METHODS To obtain key informant responses, we conducted a nationwide survey by sending a 74-item questionnaire to head physicians of the intensive care unit or department for emergency and(More)
Although pulse oximeters are increasingly used to monitor patients on medical and surgical wards, staff seem to receive no specific training in the operation of these devices. We investigated the knowledge of junior doctors and nursing staff about pulse oximetry as used on seriously ill patients in a District General Hospital in Exeter, UK. 30 medical or(More)