I. Guymer

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Evaluation of longitudinal mixing processes in open channel flows is important in environmental management, requiring the quantification of mixing coefficients. Estimates of these coefficients sufficiently accurate for environmental impact assessments cannot be achieved using current theoretical or semi-empirical methods for natural channels. This(More)
River ecosystems are influenced by contaminants in the water column, in the pore water and adsorbed to sediment particles. When exchange across the sediment-water interface (hyporheic exchange) is included in modeling, the mixing coefficient is often assumed to be constant with depth below the interface. Novel fiber-optic fluorometers have been developed(More)
Results from previous solute tracer laboratory experiments across circular surcharged manhole structures by Guymer et al. have been used to optimise parameters within Hart's transient storage model (TSM). A surcharge threshold level for the model parameters is evident and this is explained in relation to jet theory. The ability to decompose the TSM is(More)
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