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Summary form only given. This paper outlines specific variations in recombination coefficients for charged particles (electrons and ions) and how these variations affect the onset of saturation of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs). By solving continuity equations for electrons and ions, with the application of dielectric dependent(More)
Ozone (O<sub>3</sub>) is potentially hazardous to human health and accurate prediction and measurement of this gas is essential in addressing its associated health risks. This paper presents theory to predict the levels of ozone concentration emitted from a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma for ozone sensing applications. This is done by postulating(More)
Summary form only given. A novel multi-electrode dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma system exhibiting active species gain is examined for the production of ozone gas and hence microelectronic substrate treatment. This species gain is achieved by having four electrode pairs in a vertical arrangement and supplying compressed air to traverse throughout(More)
Summary form only given. In this paper, optical and electrical measurements of a novel multi-electrode dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma system exhibiting active species gain are performed. This gain in species density is accomplished by arranging four electrode pairs vertically and forcing compressed air through their volumes. This forces the(More)
Breakdown in dielectric layers has previously been assumed to be dependent only on the electric field strength at a certain point in the dielectric lattice [1], [2]. This does not take quantum aspects of the lattice structure into account. The present model takes into account quantum variations of particles in conjunction with different particle(More)
A novel multielectrode dielectric-barrier discharge plasma system operating at atmospheric pressure in air, which has improved microbial inactivation properties is described. The interaction of high-voltage components necessary to create the discharge is outlined, and the unique configuration of electrodes driven by power insulated gate bipolar transistors(More)
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