I Grofová

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The mesencephalic and diencephalic afferent connections to the superior colliculus and the central gray substance in the cat were examined by means of the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP). After deep collicular injections numerous labeled cells were consistently found in the parabigeminal nucleus, the mesencephalic reticular formation,(More)
The possibility that fibers regulating the intraocular pressure originate in the hypothalamus and course in the optic nerve, has been investigated in albino rabbits with different techniques. By means of horseradish perixodase tracing-technique, oculohypothalamic but no hypothalamoocular connections were observed. The water-loading effect on the intraocular(More)
The Purkinje axon boutons terminating in nuclei fastigii and interpositus in the cat have been identified after injection of 3H leucine into the cerebellar cortex overlying the nuclei. The animals survived from 4-48 h after injection of the isotope. Semithin and ultrathin sections were coated and exposed for 3 and 14 weeks, respectively. The electron(More)
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