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The neural network method uses ideas developed from the physiological modelling of the human brain in computational mechanics. The technique provides mechanisms analogous to biological processes such as learning from experience, generalizing from learning data to a wider set of stimuli and extraction of key attributes from excessively noisy data sets. It(More)
A digital phase-mapping method has been developed for application in real-time electronic speckle interferometry studies. Its principles and application to a continuously deforming object are described. An efficient digital image-processing algorithm has been developed that permits quantitative interpretation of the resulting phase maps.
The successful application of a recurrent neural network of the Hopfield type to the solution of the stereo image-pair reconciliation problem in stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (PIV) in the tracking mode is described. The results of applying the network to both virtual-flow and physical-flow PIV data sets are presented, and the usefulness of this(More)
The Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) has an extensive archive of geostationary satellite imagery, which is derived from a number of data sources. Most of this data now exists in a single data format, namely Man computer Interactive Data Access System (McIDAS) AREA. The McIDAS system was commissioned in the Bureau in 1985 and used to digitise locally(More)
A description of research on holographic, nondestructive testing (HNDT) with impact loading is presented to demonstrate the technique as a practical HNDT method. The advantages of impact, or impulse, loading coupled with pulsed-laser illumination for HNDT away from the laboratory are discussed. The effect of the loading position, exposure timing, and(More)
Fracture mechanics of individual pressurized cracks has been clarified but the vital problem of stability of interacting hydraulic cracks escaped attention. First, based on the known shale permeability, on the known percentage of gas extraction from shale stratum and on two key features of the measured gas outflow which are 1) the time to peak flux and 2)(More)