I. Gause-Nilsson

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BACKGROUND There are no earlier cross-national comparative studies analyzing the functions of the posture control mechanisms and its sensory-motor correlates in elderly subjects. We investigated whether there are differences in balance between elderly subjects living in different geographical areas, and analyzed the sensory-motor associates of balance in(More)
Within the framework of the gerontological and geriatric population studies in Göteborg, Sweden, 473 elderly persons were examined using pure-tone audiometry in two recent cohorts. The aim of this study was to present cross-sectionally acquired hearing data in these contemporary groups aged 70 and 75. Another objective was to compare hearing function at the(More)
The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in different elderly European populations has not been well studied. The aim of this study was to measure the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, as well as its individual components, in an elderly Swedish cohort. A random sample of 778 individuals (372 men and 406 women) was selected from a 70-year-old cohort in the(More)
The aims of the study were to compare dental state in three Nordic 75-year-old populations and to evaluate dental state as a marker of functional ageing. The study is part of a Nordic comparative study of 75-year-olds in Glostrup, Göteborg and Jyväskylä. In the dental studies, 411 subjects in Denmark, 308 in Sweden and 310 in Finland participated.(More)
The purpose of this article is to analyse item bias in a measure of self-reported functional ability among 75-year-old people in three Nordic localities. The present item bias analysis examines whether the construction of a functional ability index from several variables results in bias in relation to geographical locality and gender. Information about(More)
AIMS (i) to compare Helicobacter pylori serology in two 70-year-old cohorts in Gothenburg, Sweden, born 21 years apart, (ii) to study H. pylori serology in a 70-year-old cohort over 20 years. POPULATION AND METHOD H. pylori serology at the age of 70 was investigated in 98 men and 132 women born in 1901/02 and in 77 men and 113 women born in 1922. In 21(More)
PURPOSE To describe and compare anthropometric characteristics among populations of 75-year-olds in three Nordic localities and to investigate possible relationships with chronic heart disease (CHD), chronic lung disease (CLD), diabetes mellitus, arthrosis and life-style factors such as smoking and physical activity. MATERIAL AND METHODS Anthropometric(More)
OBJECTIVE To study postural balance in relation to self-reported functional ability (mobility and ADL) and general physical activity in elderly men and women living in three different Nordic environments. PARTICIPANTS A random sample of 448 men and 556 women from among the 75-year-old residents in Glostrup, Denmark, and Göteborg, Sweden, and all the(More)
A gerontological population of 178 men and 249 women was investigated regarding the prevalence of antibodies specific to Chlamydia pneumoniae. A longitudinal substudy was carried out on 22 men and 44 women, age range 70-90 y. Antibodies specific to C. pneumoniae were common. Men had higher prevalences and higher antibody levels than women. More than half of(More)
Intraocular pressure was measured in 231 systematically sampled 75-year-old men and women in Göteborg, Sweden and in 284 75-year-old and 201 80-year-old residents in Jyväskylä, Finland as part of a comparative study on functional capacity and health, NORA 75 (Nordic Research on Ageing). After excluding the cases reporting glaucoma in their medical history(More)