I G Rydberg

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Racemic R,S-salbutamol is taken to relieve bronchial constriction. Only the R-enantiomer has bronchodilating properties. The S-enantiomer has been proposed to cause in vitro bronchial hyperreactivity in guinea-pigs. Stereoselective elimination of salbutamol has been shown, with S-salbutamol being eliminated at a slower rate than R-salbutamol. This study(More)
The effect of the NSAIDs tolfenamic acid and indomethacin was tested on acetylcholine-induced and antigen-induced contractions in guinea pig airways. Indomethacin potentiated antigen-induced contractions while tolfenamic acid showed dilatory properties. The effects of the drugs on acetylcholine-induced contractions showed no significant differences;(More)
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