I. G. Mitchell

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Polich & Kok (1995) (Biological Psychology, 41, 103-146) have recently argued that P300 is not only sensitive to specific 'cognitive' variables, but also to non-specific biological processes such as arousal. Fluctuations in arousal are said to be indexed by an inverse relationship between latency and amplitude. We tested this hypothesis with a drug that(More)
A system with some degree of biological plausibility is developed to categorise items from a widely used machine learning benchmark. The system uses fatiguing leaky integrate and fire neurons, a relatively coarse point model that roughly duplicates biological spiking properties; this allows spontaneous firing based on hypo-fatigue so that neurons not(More)
A central feature of the impairment in performance produced by inert gas narcosis, which poses a threat to divers breathing compressed air, is a slowing of reaction time (RT). To investigate the locus of this slowing, the effects of 35% nitrous oxide on Crossman's confusion function were determined using line-length and weight discrimination tasks, with(More)
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