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An established rainfall-streamflow modelling methodology employing a six-parameter unit hydrograph-based rainfall-runoff model structure is developed further to give an improved model-fit to daily flows for the River Teifi at Glan Teifi. It is shown that a previous model of this type for the Teifi, which (a) accounted for 85% of the variance in observed(More)
A continuous simulation rainfall-streamflow modelling approach that identifies unit hydrographs for total streamflow has been applied to an 11-year record from a national hydrometric monitoring network catchment in the UK. The model is of the parametrically parsimonious conceptual model (PPCM) type that can make efficient use of rainfall, streamflow and air(More)
Rainfall-runoff models with only a small number of parameters and modest data needs are useful for assisting with regional surveys and the management of water resources. This paper makes a preliminary assessment of the suitability of a unit hydrograph-based modelling methodology for application to small and medium-sized rivers in southeast Europe.(More)
The IHACRES rainfall–streamflow modelling approach provides a powerful set of techniques for assisting with parametrically efficient regional-ization of streamflow response characteristics (unit hydrograph and loss module parameters) from inputs of rainfall, evaporation surrogates and physical catchment descriptor data. Recent work has indicated where(More)
Two types of unit hydrograph (UH) are discussed, with an emphasis on uncertainties. The paper reviews the 1-parameter triangular unit hydrograph (UH) employed to assist with systematic design flood hydrograph estimation for ungauged United Kingdom catchments. A 6-parameter rainfall-runoff model that incorporates a 3-parameter UH is also discussed. The(More)
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