I. G. Growns

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As periphytic diatoms are widely used for biological assessment of rivers, a comparison was made of the use of information at genus or species levels to test the effects of river regulation in eastern Australia. 74 species from 30 genera were recorded from 10 regulated and 13 unregulated sites. The interpretation of the effects of eight dams and weirs on(More)
We studied the multiscale (sites, river reaches and rivers) and short-term temporal (monthly) variability in a freshwater fish assemblage. We found that small-scale spatial variation and short-term temporal variability significantly influenced fish community structure in the Macquarie and Namoi Rivers. However, larger scale spatial differences between(More)
Rapid bioassessment (RBA) techniques for evaluating river health are now commonplace and there is much debate on the best methods that should be used. One of the important features of RBA is subsampling of large qualitative or semi-quantitative samples to reduce the costs associated with handling and identifying animals. In Australia, the Australian River(More)
Dense White Cypress Pine (Callitris glaucophylla J. Thompson and L.A.S. Johnson) regrowth occurs frequently across previously cleared landscapes in New South Wales (NSW), and is thought to adversely affect agricultural production and to cause land degradation. The NSW Native Vegetation Act (2003) requires that management of native vegetation including(More)
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