I G Borovkova

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ABSTRACT Barley lines Hor 2596 and Triumph are the sources of leaf rust resistance genes Rph9 and Rph12, respectively. An allelism test was performed with F(2) progeny of the cross Triumph/Hor 2596 inoculated with Puccinia hordei. No recombinants were found in a population of 3,858 progeny, indicating Rph9 and Rph12 are alleles. Molecular and morphological(More)
Barley line Q21861 possesses an incompletely dominant gene (RphQ) for resistance to leaf rust caused by Puccinia hordei. To investigate the allelic and linkage relations between RphQ and other known Rph genes, F2 populations from crosses between Q21861 and donors of Rph1 to Rph14 (except for Rph8) were evaluated for leaf rust reaction at the seedling stage.(More)
Leaf rust of barley, caused by Puccinia hordei Otth, is an important foliar disease in most temperate regions of the world. Sixteen major leaf rust resistance (Rph) genes have been described from barley, but only a few have been mapped. The leaf rust resistance gene Rph7 was ®rst described from the cultivar `Cebada Capa' and has proven e€ective in Europe.(More)
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