I. Gómez

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Dental caries exams and saliva samples were obtained from 541 adolescents, aged 10-15, initially and after 17 months as part of a 3-yr longitudinal study investigating the relationships of dietary intakes, specific microorganisms in saliva, and the prevalence and incidence of dental caries. The mean DMFS score detected in these subjects initially was 4.61,(More)
An intraoral-releasing device designed to release 0.5 mg of fluoride per day was evaluated in a one-month trial. The results showed that the 11 men who wore the fluoride-releasing device on their maxillary first molars had significantly elevated levels of fluoride in their saliva and plaque compared with baseline levels. No significant changes were observed(More)
Professor Themistocles M. Rassias' special predilection and contribution to the study of Möbius transformations is well known. Möbius transformations of the open unit disc of the complex plane and, more generally, of the open unit ball of any real inner product space, give rise to Möbius addition in the ball. The latter, in turn, gives rise to Möbius(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the functional state of the somatotropinergic system in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and in patients with vascular dementia (VD) in relation with somatostatin cerebrospinal levels. DESIGN We studied the GH response to GHRH in controls and in AD and VD patients and correlated their responses with somatostatin cerebrospinal(More)