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Children with terminal renal failure require iterative dialysis while awaiting kidney graft, and these have to be repeated over a period of years until a suitable graft presenting histocompatibility with the receiver is found. This has a considerable growth retardation effect (-3 to -6 SD, according to the age at onset of terminal failure). Two features(More)
Lingual vascular malformations are usually benign, but have repercussions on the growth of the maxillo-mandibular unit in the child. The improvement in the vascular problems at puberty leads the authors to prefer a conservative form of treatment, hence the important role of embolization techniques. These techniques should be followed by the fitting of a(More)
The morphological organisation of the face reflects the individual's social context and heredity and also reveal certain personality traits. Emotional facial expression is a very special form of communication. This functional and behavioural dynamic leads to the formation of a certain anatomical structure as a result of repetitive functions. The(More)
Inadequate transverse development of the milk dentition alveolar arcade (Cauhepe-Fieux syndrome) may have important effects on the constitution of facial architecture and in the medium term require orthognathic surgery. The acquisition of dental arcade contact on deglutition is only possible after normalization of the dimensions of the arch of the palate.(More)
The spontaneous and therapeutic modifications of the mandibular angle suggest that the rotations of growth described by Björk are not inevitable but are due to lingual dysfunction, particularly involving the pharyngeal part. Adequate treatment can modify the widening and narrowing of this angle.
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