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Pathological expression of human ErbB-2 protein, also known as HER-2, is common in many types of cancer. ErbB-2 is a member of the EGF receptor tyrosine kinase family and has been rigorously studied as a signaling molecule on the cell membrane. Here, we report that ErbB-2 is also expressed in the nucleus in cultured cells as well as primary tumor tissues.(More)
IFN-inducible proteins are known to mediate IFN-directed antitumor effects. The human IFN-inducible protein absent in melanoma 2 (AIM2) gene encodes a 39-kDa protein, which contains a 200-amino-acid repeat as a signature of HIN-200 family (hematopoietic IFN-inducible nuclear proteins). Although AIM2 is known to inhibit fibroblast cell growth in vitro, its(More)
Although it is known that STAT3 transcriptional activity is modulated by phosphorylation at serine residue 727, the role of STAT3 serine phosphorylation in breast cancer remains mostly unexplored. In this study, we examined the expression patterns of serine residue 727-phosphorylated STAT3 (p-ser727-STAT3) in breast infiltrating ductal carcinoma tissues and(More)
Targeting the estrogen receptor is an important strategy in breast cancer therapy. However, although inhibiting estrogen receptor function with specific estrogen receptor modulators can achieve a primary response in cancer patients, intrinsic or subsequently acquired resistance to the therapy remains a major obstacle in the clinic. Thus, it is critical to(More)
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