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We have reported three cases of hyperornithinaemia associated with hyperammonaemia and homocitrullinuria (HHH). They deal with two brothers and a sister from a family where the parents and four other children are healthy on clinical and biochemical examination. The biochemical findings in our patients indicate the existence of a defect in the transport of(More)
In this correspondence, we study an M-ary block-erasure channel with B blocks, where with probability epsi a block of L coded symbols is erased. The behavior of the error probability of coded systems over such channels is studied, and we show that, if the code is diversity-wise maximum-distance separable, its word error probability is equal to the outage(More)
The optical absorption of UiO-66-NH2 MOF was red-shifted using a diazo-coupling reaction. The modifications performed with naphthols and aniline yielded reddish samples, and the modifications with diphenylaniline yielded dark violet ones. The photocatalytic activity of these modified MOFs was assessed for methylene blue degradation, showing a good(More)
CINSO, CITEFA-CONICET, J. B. de La Salle 4397, (1603) Villa Martelli, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, Argentina, b CRICYT, CONICET, Av. Ruı́z Leal s/n Parque General San Martı́n C.C. 131, (5500) Mendoza, Pcia. de Mendoza, Argentina, UACN, Centro Atómico Constituyentes, CNEA, (1650) San Martı́n, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Instituto de Fı́sica, Universidade de(More)
Please do not adjust margins a. Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology, FRSC-UTN, Av. Inmigrantes 555, Río Gallegos 9400, Argentina. b. Division of Porous Materials, UNIDEF, CITEDEF, CONICET, S.J.B de la Salle 4397, Villa Martelli (B1603ALO), Buenos Aires, Argentina. c. Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis, Empa − Swiss Federal Laboratories for(More)
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