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Endocrine function of thymus estimated by titer of thymic serum factor is inhibited in pubertal mice CBA/Ca under conditions of pharmacological inhibition of epiphysis function by beta-adrenoblocking agent anapriline. After blinding and epithalamine and melatonine introduction the content of thymic hormone considerably increases. Melatonine is characterized(More)
It was investigated the influence of pineal peptides on the aging changes both circadian rhythm of thymic serum factor (FTS) titer in male rats Wistar and circannual rhythms of FTS, the amount of stromal cells-precurcors (CFC-F), granulocyte-macrophage cells-precurcors (CFC-GM), CD4+, Mac-1+ and CD19+-cells in bone marrow of male mice CBA. Epithalamin was(More)
We studied the effect of transplantation of neural crest-derived multipotent stem cells (NC-MSCs) obtained from vibrissa germs on regeneration of the injured (transected) sciatic nerve in adult mice (strain FVB). After transplantation of the cells into the injured region, regeneration of the severed nerve was intensified, as compared with that in mice with(More)
  • I F Labunets
  • 2007
The aging peculiarities of thymic factors influence on pineal gland function in CBA mice were investigated. Significant increase of melatonin serum level in 3 h and decrease in 24 h after one injection of thymic preparation "thymalin" in adult mice was shown. The activating influence of thymalin was depended on season and linked with increase of thymic(More)
Essential changes in the thymus functional condition and hypophyseal-adrenal system were revealed in patients with skin melanoma. The secretory activity of the thymus loosens, and there is a reduction of thymic hormone titer in blood. The increased levels of ACTH and hydrocortisone in blood indicate an enhanced activity of the hypophyseal-adrenal system(More)
Studies were undertaken on the development of T-lymphocytes in adult and old CBA mice and its changes at aging after injections of pineal gland peptides. It was shown that in old mice the disturbances of T-cells differentiation are registered in bone marrow, thymus, spleen and characterized by the changes of lymphocyte markers expression, migration and(More)
  • I F Labunets
  • 2013
We investigated the amount of stromal precursor cells for colonies of fibroblasts (CFC-F) and progenitor cells for granulocyte-macrophage colonies (CFC-GM cells), blood content of thymulin and melatonin in bone marrow of young and old mice CBA/Ca and FVB/N lines. The CBA/Ca mice demonstrated only weak increasing amount of CFC-F and CFC-GM in bone marrow,(More)
In contrast to young people, changes in the rhythms of parameters manifested in elderly and senile chronic coronary patients in inversion (decreased T cell count in the peripheral blood, values of lymphocyte blastogenesis test with phytohemagglutinin, and phagocytic index in the fall), monotony (B cell count in the peripheral blood), decreased amplitude of(More)
The adult rats received both neurotoxin 6-hidroxidophamine and neurotoxin and melatonin. It was investigated a link between the disturbances of the brain antioxidant enzymes activity and thymic endocrine function, as possible pathogenic factors of parkinsonism, with changes in the number of neural stem cells (NSC) in the bulbus olfactorius. Rats with motor(More)
Thymic hormonal function, as assessed by thymic serum factor (FTS) titres, is reduced in melanoma. Correlation analysis was used to show dysfunctions of this gland to play an important role in the pathogenesis of changes occurring in cellular and humoral immune responses in tumor patients. The authors make a case for treatment with biologically active(More)