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Several parameters of chlorin e6 and its derivative chlorin e6 ethylenediamide have been investigated as these compound are potential sensitizers for photodynamic therapy. A study carried out to compare the cellular uptake of the pigments indicates that chlorin e6 ethylenediamide possesses an enhanced affinity for tumour cells and cellular membranes.(More)
Transition of the products of the first restoration of porphyrines to the second one in the darkness and practically in the absence of a reducer and oxygen has been studied. Its cause is the disproportioning of dyhydroform into tetrahydro- and the initial pigment. Regeneration of porphyrines under these conditions is also shown. The rate of both reactions(More)
Content of copro- and protoporphyrins was studied in erythrocytes of women with tumor of genitals. Distinct increase in content of these porphyrins, especially of protoporphyrin, was detected in erythrocytes of the patients with malignant tumors as compared with the patterns of healthy persons.
Content of coproporphyrin was estimated in urine of females with genital, thyroid and gastrointestinal cancer. A rate of coproporphyrin elimination with urine depended on the type of tumor and its site. Concentration of coproporphyrin was decreased in urine of patients with both malignant and benign tumors as compared with that of healthy persons.
Results of the analysis of a number of parameters which determine the efficiency of using the photodynamic action for treating rheumatoid arthritis are reported. The investigations are based on determining the character of sensitizer stabilization in the joint tissue and evaluating its stability. As the sensitizer chlorin e6 was chosen. We have established(More)