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Two techniques of pre-oxygenation were studied by continuous analysis of respired gases using a mass spectrometer in 10 healthy volunteers. The first was a conventional technique as commonly used in anaesthesia with a Bain system and tightly-fitting anaesthetic face-mask and an oxygen flow of 8 l.min-1. The second technique also used a Bain system with an(More)
The work of nine Naval anaesthetists deployed with the Task Force during the Falklands campaign is described. The anaesthetists worked in a field hospital (Ajax Bay), a hospital ship (SS Uganda), a troop ship (SS Camberra), aircraft carriers (HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible) and a Royal Fleet Auxiliary (Tidespring). The problems of staffing and providing the(More)
The oxygenation of 30 patients undergoing elective ophthalmic surgery without sedation whilst breathing air was studied and was compared with two methods of oxygen supplementation. Arterial oxygen saturation, inspired and expired oxygen and carbon dioxide were analysed. The delivery of oxygen at 21.min-1 via nasal cannulae was shown to be superior to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare acid-base balance, lactate concentration, and haemodynamic and O2 transport variables during haemofiltration with replacement fluid containing 44.5 mmol/l Na+ lactate or 40 mmol/l Na+ HCO3- and 3 mmol/l lactic acid. DESIGN A prospective, randomized trial. SETTING A multidisciplinary, adult intensive care unit in a university(More)
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