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We present final measurements of the Z boson-lepton coupling asymmetry parameters A e , A µ , and A τ with the complete sample of polarized Z bosons collected by the SLD detector at the SLAC Linear Collider. From the left-right production and decay polar angle asymmetries in leptonic Z decays we measure A e = 0.1544 ± 0.0060, A µ = 0.142 ± 0.015, and A τ =(More)
We have made the first direct symmetry tests in the decays of polarized Z0 bosons into fully identified bbg states, collected in the SLD experiment at SLAC. We searched for evidence of parity violation at the bbg vertex by studying the asymmetries in the b-quark polar- and azimuthal-angle distributions, and for evidence of T-odd, CP-even or CP-odd,(More)
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