I. Elamvazuthi

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Digital processing of speech signal and voice recognition algorithm is very important for fast and accurate automatic voice recognition technology. The voice is a signal of infinite information. A direct analysis and synthesizing the complex voice signal is due to too much information contained in the signal. Therefore the digital signal processes such as(More)
A computationally-efficient systematic procedure to design an Optimal Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller (OT2FLC) is proposed. The main scheme is to optimize the gains of the controller using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), then optimize only two parameters per type-2 membership function using Genetic Algorithm (GA). The proposed OT2FLC was implemented in(More)
Wavelet transform feature extraction has become one of the most powerful techniques to improve the classification accuracy. In this paper, we are investigating the multi-level Daubechies wavelet reconstruction parameters. The EMG signal after performing the Daubechies wavelet was further processed by using one of the most successful features which is MAV.(More)
A fairly reasonable result was obtained for nonlinear engineering problems using the optimization techniques such as neural network, genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic independently in the past. Increasingly, hybrid techniques are being used to solve the nonlinear problems to obtain a better output. This paper discusses the use of neuro-genetic hybrid(More)
Most movement tasks are defined in coordinate systems that are different from the actuator space in which motor commands must be issued. Hence, movement planning and learning in task space require appropriate coordinate transformations from task to actuator space before motor commands can be computed. Therefore to move the biped robot to the desired point,(More)
Ant colony optimization (ACO) technique is proposed to solve the mobile robot path planning (MRPP) problem. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of ACO in solving the MRPP problem, several maps of varying complexity used by an earlier researcher is used for evaluation. Each map consists of static obstacles in different arrangements. Besides that, each(More)