I E Semina

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A comprehensive intraspecies typing of the cultures of MRSA collected during inspection of drug resistance in causative agents of intrahospital infections was performed. The following parameters were investigated: antibiotic resistance, toxin production, sensitivity to the phages of the International Set and the phages of an experimental collection(More)
A number of physico-chemical properties of Bordetella pertussis DNA has been studied. The values of its floating density and melting point have been established, which has allowed one to calculate the GC composition of B. pertussis DNA. The average molecular weights of the fragments of B. pertussis DNA, resulting from its hydrolysis with specific(More)
A new restriction endonuclease Pmi I was detected in Proteus mirabilis 1667. The enzyme hydrolyzes DNA of the phage lambda into 10 electrophoretically separating fragments with molecular weights of 1.3-7.9 mD. With the use of two-stage chromatography on blue sepharose and phosphocellulose it is possible to obtain restriction endonuclease Pmi I free of the(More)
The composition of antigenic complexes isolated from the supernatant fluid of B. pertussis culture has been studied by means of immunoblotting techniques. In preparations obtained from B. pertussis strains 305 and 475 fragments of the molecule of fimbrial hemagglutinin, three subunits of B. pertussis toxin and agglutinogens 2 and 3 have been detected with(More)
Some physicochemical properties of B.pertussis antigenic complexes isolated from synthetic and semisynthetic culture media have been studied. The chemical composition of these complexes has been determined. Proteins, polypeptide subunits and lipopolysaccharide forming these complexes have been characterized. The presence of two main protective substances of(More)
The preclinical trial of a new cell-free pertussis vaccine has been carried out with a view to its comparison with whole-cell pertussis vaccine in respect of the toxic and protective properties of the preparations under experimental conditions. The whole-cell pertussis vaccine is characterized by pronounced toxic action causing leukocytosis and(More)
Conditions for the immobilization of specific endonucleases Sal I and Pvu II on BrCN-activated Sepharose 4B have been selected. Some physico-chemical properties of the preparations of immobilized restrictases Sal I and Pvu II have been characterized. The specific and general activity values of the preparations thus obtained have been established. The(More)
The physicochemical and biological properties of antigenic complexes isolated from the supernatant fluid of the culture medium of B. pertussis, strains 305 and 475, were studied. The preparations obtained from both strains contained proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and lipids. Electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel revealed the presence of filamentous(More)
A highly purified associate of kinetoplast DNA is isolated from C. oncopelti, and its physico-chemical properties are studied. Both native associate and its ultrasonic fragments are found to have a complex character of melting. 5-6 melting zones (3 of them being the main) are found on the melting curve. Analysis of reassociation kinetics of sonicated(More)
Hybrid plasmids containing B. pertussis DNA insertions have been constructed with the use of the vector plasmid pBR 322 and the Pst I fragments of B. pertussis DNA. Some properties of the hybrid plasmids are characterized. The possibility of the expression of B. pertussis genes in the protein-synthetizing cell-free system obtained from E. coli has been(More)