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This randomized, open-label, active-controlled, dose-finding phase IIb study evaluated the efficacy and safety of trabedersen (AP 12009) administered intratumorally by convection-enhanced delivery compared with standard chemotherapy in patients with recurrent/refractory high-grade glioma. One hundred and forty-five patients with central reference(More)
A state of the autonomic nervous system is known to play an important role in complex treatment of any somatic pathology. The drugs with complex anxiolytic, autonomic stabilizing and nootropic effects are used in treatment of autonomic disorders. These drugs stabilize as the general mental condition, including emotional state, as well as the autonomic(More)
Impairment of stability in the vertical posture is one of the most common or, sometimes, a key symptom in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Reduction of postural control is often correlated with the severity of neurological deficit and is thought to be a leading factor that impacts on social and working activities of the patient with MS. We studied(More)
The authors studied 600 cases of supratentorial tumors of the brain. The clinical picture in 306 of them (51%) was marked by epileptic seizures. They analysed the frequency of various types of epileptic seizures according to the localization and histological structure of the tumors. On basis of the results of complex clinico-electrophysiological examination(More)
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