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Heavy metals /lead and copper/ content was studied in various cosmetic articles: creams and cleansing milk, shampoos, hair dyes, eye shadows, rouge, lipsticks, powders, fond de teint, tooth pastes. The method flame atom-absorption spectrometry with chelation and extraction was used for their determination. The subacute dermal toxicity on albino rats was(More)
The purpose of the study is to establish hygienic properties of the new preparations for intensive washing and their effect on the skin of man. Examinations are performed on 5 new washing preparations from firm "Verila": "Linda" (from the producer and from the trade network from the country--Ruse, Blagoevgrad, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Cherven Bryag, Plovdiv(More)
The new anti-flammable preparations, proposed by the Higher Chemical Technology Institute (Sofia), were studied, namely: Pyrofix 2--for treatment of textile materials and Torflam--for production of anti-inflammable polyester fibres. The following parameters were studied: skin-irritating and skin-sensitizing effect of both preparations, skin toxic effect of(More)
A sanitary-chemical study on three kinds textile materials with different percentage content of polyamide silk (PAS) was carried out. Migration of chemicals was studied - low molecular compounds of caprolactam (LMC) and triethanolamine in water extracts of the patterns tested. Thin layer chromatographic and spectrophotocalorimetric methods were employed.(More)
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