I. E. Bronshteyn

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During early mammalian development, genesis of the first two cell lineages, inner cell mass (ICM) and trophectoderm (TE), is dependent upon functions of key transcription factors that are expressed in a regulated and spatially restricted fashion. In this study, we demonstrate that during early mouse development, mRNA expression of transcription factor GATA3(More)
In the paper, defects in a program code in Python are considered. It is shown that these defects are different from those in a code in C/C++; hence, there is a need in study of defects in large-scale projects with an open source code. A classification of the defects found, which is based on whether type inference is required for finding an error, is(More)
Introduction of foreign DNA into the mouse germ line is considered a major technical advancement in the fields of developmental biology and genetics. This technology now referred to as transgenic mouse technology has revolutionized virtually all fields of biology and provided new genetic approaches to model many human diseases in a whole animal context.(More)
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