I. Dolz

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between functional eye examinations (visual evoked potentials: VEPs; pattern electroretinogram: PERG) and structural measurements of the optic nerve (optical coherence tomography: OCT; scanning laser polarimetry: GDx) in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS Patients with definite MS(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate correlations between longitudinal changes in neuro-ophthalmologic measures and quality of life (QOL) and disability in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), using optical coherence tomography (OCT), visual evoked potentials (VEP), and visual field examination. METHODS Fifty-four patients with relapsing-remitting MS were enrolled in(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate correlations between visual evoked potentials (VEP), pattern electroretinogram (PERG), and macular and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness measured by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and the severity of Parkinson disease (PD). METHODS Forty-six PD patients and 33 age and sex-matched healthy controls were enrolled, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the changes over two years in the retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). To compare the ability of optical coherence tomography (OCT), scanning laser polarimetry (GDx), visual evoked potentials (VEP) and visual field examination to detect axonal loss in these patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ability of visual evoked potentials and pattern electroretinograms (PERG) to detect subclinical axonal damage in patients during the early diagnostic stage of multiple sclerosis (MS). The authors also compared the ability of optical coherence tomography (OCT), PERG, and visual evoked potentials to detect axonal loss in MS patients(More)
and The Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) " , in San Francisco (United States), October of 2009. Tile: " Effectiveness of Imiquimod 5% cream following curettage to treat periocular basal cell carcinomas ". Award " Arruga " 2013 to the best scientific national curriculum between the 40-year-old minor ophthalmologists. The award values the(More)
The role of negative symptoms in the context of cognitive remediation for schizophrenia.. Empirically driven definitions of "good," "moderate," and "poor" levels of functioning in the treatment of schizophrenia.. of psychiatric hospitalization during 6 months of maintenance treatment with olanzapine long-acting injection: post hoc analysis of a randomized,(More)
INTRODUCTION Anterior ischemia optic neuropathy is defined as ischemia of the disc optic papilla nerve. The aetiology is multifactorial and causes ischemia of the optic disc and apoptosis of the nerve cells of the retina. OBJECTIVE To study the retina of patients with anterior ischemia optic neuropathy by means of the electroretinogram pattern (PERG) to(More)
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