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Data on occupational hygienic characteristics of industrial-assembly work are reported, which have not been subject upto now to such studies. Complex hygienic evaluation of the basic physical and chemical factors of the working environment is performed as well as physiological and ergonomic characteristics of the principle professional groups, analysis of(More)
Oscillographic examinations on the temporal arteries of creative and technical specialists from the Bulgarian television are performed, who ensure direct transmission of the TV programs. The results point out to considerable increase in the level of the maximal temporal blood pressure and spastic oscillatory indices more strongly expressed in the creative(More)
Rheoencephalographic investigations of frontal-mastoid trace were carried out on 27 clinically healthy subjects - bank women book-keepers, inspectors and women tellers, their labour activity being associated with a considerable nervous psychic strain and high professional responsibility. The data from the investigations revealed certain unfavourable(More)
Determination of the maximum capacity of work is essential for prophylaxis, and is closely related to the problems of scientific organization of work still awaiting solution. The maximum oxygen consumption among female textile workers ranges between 2.2 1/min and 1.6 1/min, while the reak heart rate--from 167 to 153 beats per minute. Allowable physical(More)
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