I. Davidson

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1. The responses of single cutaneous mechanoreceptive fibres evoked by a geometrically patterned surface sweeping across the skin were examined. The surfaces used were each a fine diamond-shaped array of "dots' in relief against a flat background. The fibres examined were rapidly adapting, slowly adapting and Pacinian fibres innervating the monkey's finger(More)
A series of new compounds was discovered during the study of a novel solid lithium-ion battery electrolyte system based on succinonitrile. The phases LiX(succinonitrile) 2 (X = PF 6-, AsF 6-, ClO 4-) were identified as undesirable phases that formed at low salt concentrations in succinonitrile. The silver analogues of these systems also exist as crystalline(More)
Ecosystems are under pressure from multiple human disturbances whose impact may vary depending on environmental context. We experimentally evaluated variation in the separate and combined effects of the loss of a key functional group (canopy algae) and physical disturbance on rocky shore ecosystems at nine locations across Europe. Multivariate community(More)
  • C-Y C D Rahn, Wang, Systems Engineering Battery, Wiley, F C Danielson, D Borrelli +51 others
  • 2013
Citations are hyperlinked, and those recommended by multiple attendees are marked with asterisks. Modelling the impact of variations in electrode manufacturing on lithium-ion battery modules, " Fail-safe design for large capacity lithium-ion battery systems, " Discrete-time realization of transcendental impedance models, with application to modeling(More)
An epitaxial lift-off technique for removing wide bandgap II–VI heterostructures from GaAs substrates has previously been demonstrated using lattice-matched MgS as the sacrificial layer. However, using MgS as an etch release layer prevents its use as a wide bandgap barrier in the rest of the structure. Here, we describe the use of the etch-resistant alloy(More)
A complex refinement of the structure of the battery cathode material, Li 1.2 Mn 0.4 Ni 0.3 Co 0.1 O 2 , using neutron and resonant diffraction data is used to demonstrate SVDdiagnostic as a useful tool to diagnose problems in the least squares normal matrix. SVDdiagnostic examines both the unprocessed and pre-conditioned matrices and outputs a 'condition'(More)
The actions of crude venom from Anemesia species of spider were investigated in cultured dorsal root ganglion neurones from neonatal rats and hippocampal slices. Using mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS), 10-12 distinct peptides with masses between about 3 and 10kDa were identified in the crude spider venom. At a concentration of 5 microg/ml crude Anemesia(More)
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