I. Dahan

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OBJECTIVE To test functional improvement after a group cognitive-functional occupational therapy intervention for preschoolers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). METHOD Seventeen preschooler-parent dyads attended 11 weekly group sessions focused on acquiring executive strategies through occupational performance. Functional improvement(More)
MOTIVATION A large fraction of open reading frames (ORFs) identified as 'hypothetical' proteins correspond to either 'conserved hypothetical' proteins, representing sequences homologous to ORFs of unknown function from other organisms, or to hypothetical proteins lacking any significant sequence similarity to other ORFs in the databases. Elucidating the(More)
In vitro, archaeal SRP54 binds SRP RNA in the absence of SRP19, suggesting the latter to be expendable in Archaea. Accordingly, the Haloferax volcanii SRP19 gene was deleted. Although normally transcribed at a level comparable to that of the essential SRP54 gene, SRP19 deletion had no effect on cell growth, membrane protein insertion, protein secretion, or(More)
Lamins are the major components of the nuclear lamina, a filamentous layer underlying the inner nuclear membrane and attached to the peripheral chromatin. Lamins are required for maintaining nuclear shape and are involved in most nuclear activities. Here, we studied the 3D organization of the nuclear lamina formed upon the expression of Caenorhabditis(More)
Six ternary oxides, containing yttrium and two rare earth elements, were prepared by the sol–gel technique. These were divided into two groups, each composed of the same elements but at different stoichiometric ratios; the first one included Y 2 EuErO 6 , YEu 2 ErO 6 , and YEuEr 2 O 6 , and the second included Y 2 EuHoO 6 , YEu 2 HoO 6 and YEuHo 2 O 6. The(More)
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