I D Voytovych

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This paper is devoted to developing of scientific principles and producing of a number portable optoelectronic devices for non-invasive measuring of haemoglobin concentrations in blood and blood filling in live tissue, rapid diagnostics of microcirculatory conditions inside human circulation system and for identifying leukocythemia in animal blood or milk(More)
In the Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine portable chronofluorometer for express-diagnostics of photosynthesis was designed. The device allows easy to estimate the level of influence of natural environment and pollutions to alive plants. The device is based on real time processing of the curve of chlorophyll fluorescent(More)
Targeted transport of drugs to human organs is one from the problem of pharmacology. Magnetic nanoparticles are potential carrier of above drugs. Magnetic imaging system for data acquisition and processing of signal from magnetic carrier injected into the body of small animals is considered.
The purpose of this work was to develop a low-cost magnetocardiography (MCG) system for use at cardiology clinics, without any magnetic shielding. The device consists of seven channels: four signal and three reference channels. The signal channels are based on relaxation-oscillation SQUIDs. The reference channels are assembled into an orthogonal reference(More)
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