I. D. Volotovskii

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Nitric oxide, produced from exogenous NO donor, sodium nitroprusside, and hydrogen peroxide exerted antagonistic effects on tobacco leaves at micromolar concentrations but induced synergistic effects at millimolar concentrations. During H2O2-induced oxidative stress, low concentrations of NO inhibited lipid peroxidation, counteracted the fragmentation of(More)
The protein composition of microtubular structures of bovine retinal rod axoneme and phosphorylation of its proteins were studied. The axoneme was shown to consist of proteins of 25, 43, 51, 112, 145 and 240 kDa molecular mass. It was demonstrated that 32P is mainly incorporated into the 25, 43 and 51 kDa proteins. cGMP was found to enhance 32P.(More)
The binding of cGMP by structural components of bovine rod outer segments was studied. The discs and plasma membranes were shown to contain two types of the specific binding sites for cGMP which are distinct from cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase. The sites have a "high" and "low" (Kd = 0.1 divided by 0.35 and 1.5 divided by 2.0 X 10(-6) M respectively) affinity(More)
The binding of L-[3H]leucine by the plasma membranes from the catfish Ictalurus nebulosus taste organ was studied. The two types of specific binding centers for amino acid with high (KD = 2,5 X 10(-10) M) and low (KD = 1,04 X 10(-9) M) affinities were found. Concentrations of high and low affinity centers were 11,85 nmol/mg and 26 nmol/mg respectively. The(More)
To evaluate toxicity of silver nanoparticles synthesized by using the reverse micelle formation method, the effects of nanoparticles on lipid peroxidation and morphological changes of cell membranes in human lymphocytes were studied. It was found that under the influence of nanoparticles a reduction in cell viability and formation of excessive levels of(More)
Under hypoxic conditions, aminolevulinic acid-induced accumulation of porphyrin pigments and increase in heme content was observed in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. The expression of transferrin receptor CD71 responsible for Fe2+ transport into the cell was also enhanced. Blockade of porphyrin-transporting protein ABCG2 with fumitremorgin C under(More)
The changes in cytosol Ca2+ concentration associated with the shrinkage of Arabidopsis cells induced by the inhibitor of Ca(2+)-ATPase, cyclopiazonic acid and the Ca2+ ionophore ionomycin were monitored using the fluorescence of Ca(2+)-sensitive probe chlortetracycline hydrochloride. It was found that these compounds elicited a substantial decrease in(More)
The effect of inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) on the release of calcium ions from retinal rod discs was studied. It was shown that the release of Ca2+ from discs is an electroneutral process. The intradiscal calcium concentration during the release of the ion from the organelle decreases by 1 mM. It was found that the IP3-dependent release of Ca2+ ions(More)
The effect of synthetic analogs of phytohormones and red light absorbed by phytochrome on the phospholipase D activity (PLD) was studied in oat (Avena sativa L.) seedlings. ABA manifested a short-term stimulating effect on PLD activity in the green seedlings and inhibited phospholipase activity in the etiolated plants. Kinetin inhibited enzyme activity in(More)
Data are presented in favour of the regulatory role of AChE in passive transmembrane transfer of anions: 1) gradual inhibition of the enzyme with proserin brings about the change of the transport activation energy and irregular shift of temperature in the salient point on Arrhenius curves; 2) complexing of different AChE inhibitors (succinyl(More)