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PROBLEM To determine whether patients whose infertility remains unexplained (by routine physical and laboratory investigations including sperm antibody testing) exhibits significantly elevated humoral anti-seminal plasma immune responses in comparison to fertile individuals. METHOD Sera from 72 infertile couples were examine by ELISA for the presence of(More)
To compare the crystallin composition of embryonic and fetal human lenses with those of postnatal and adult lenses, we investigated the crystallins of lenses of various ages (from the 5th gestational week to 55 years) by gel chromatography, isoelectric focusing, immunodiffusion, and immunoelectrophoresis. Age-related changes were calculated as relative(More)
PROBLEM Sera from infertile patients with elevated reactivity against normozoospermic seminal plasma (NSP) have been selected to investigate human antibody binding to seminal fluid antigens present in abnormal ejaculates. METHOD Sera from 32 idiopathically infertile patients and 44 control sera from fertile individuals were examined by ELISA against: 1)(More)
Purpose Anti-crystallin autoantibodies have been often demonstrated in patients with cataract but only few studies point out on autoantibodies directed against the different crystallin classes. Our aim was to determmr the prevalence of antI-a-, anti-p, or antI-7 crystalho autoantibodIes m sera from 54 patients with lugh level of anti-total lens extract(More)
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