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Dermatoses characteristic for several branches of industry: metal, electrotechnical, photochemical and pharmaceutical and for laminators and galvanizers are discussed. The periods are given after which skin changes appear, their primary localisation and the allergens specific for the particular occupations. In photo-chemical industry workers, beside(More)
In the report new contact allergens and allergen sources detected in Warsaw in the period 1975-1977 are described. They are divided into 3 groups: industrial allergens, remaining occupational allergens and cosmetics. There are given some data concerning the substances present in industrial oils, hardeners and epoxy resin solvents, drugs sensitizing nurses,(More)
The authors presented data on occupational skin diseases in the Bydgoszcz Region during the years 1979-1991. They described caused of these diseases with special reference to eczema which proved to be most common. During a thirteen-year period under study, 262 occupational skin diseases were diagnosed, out of them 243 (89.3%) were the result of allergy.(More)