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Type 1 fimbriae are adhesion organelles expressed by many Gram-negative bacteria. They facilitate adherence to mucosal surfaces and inflammatory cells in vitro, but their contribution to virulence has not been defined. This study presents evidence that type 1 fimbriae increase the virulence of Escherichia coli for the urinary tract by promoting bacterial(More)
This article discusses the extent of resource allocation to Occupational Health (OH) to prevent infectious disease exposure and transmission in British Columbia (B.C.). It also characterizes the delineation of roles and responsibilities within OH services in B.C. health care settings and highlights areas where improvements to current OH programs could be(More)
The Connell sum sequence refers to the partial sums of the Connell sequence. In this paper, the Connell sequence, Connell sum sequence and generalizations from Iannucci and Mills-Taylor are interpreted as sums of elements of triangles, relating them to polygonal number-stuttered arithmetic progressions. The n-th element of the Connell sum sequence is(More)
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