I. Cáceres

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C. elegans is an excellent model system for studying neuroscience using genetics because of its relatively simple nervous system, sequenced genome, and the availability of a large number of transgenic and mutant strains. Recently, microfluidic devices have been used for high-throughput genetic screens, replacing traditional methods of manually handling C.(More)
  • Joep van der Zanden, Àngels Fernàndez-Mora, +4 authors Jan Ribberink
  • 2017
Most commonly applied models for reference concentrations or sediment pickup rates do not account for wave breaking effects on sand resuspension. Consequently, they tend to underpredict the suspended sand load in the surf zone. Here, we present a new method to account for wave breaking turbulence effects in reference concentration models or pickup(More)
In this paper, an energetic wave propagation model that reproduces shoaling, refraction, diffraction, waveecurrent interaction, bottom friction and wave breaking is modified to simulate also the processes of overtopping and wave transmission over and through permeable coastal structures. This enhances the capabilities of the model and allows to obtain, at a(More)
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