I. Burak Özer

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I ncreasingly powerful integrated circuits are making an entire range of new applications possible. Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors, for example, have made the digital camera a commonplace consumer item. These light-sensitive chips, positioned where film would normally be, capture images as reusable digital files that users can upload(More)
With the rapid growth of multimedia information in forms of digital image and video libraries, there is an increasing need for intelligent database management tools with an efficient information retrieval system. For this purpose, we propose a hierarchical retrieval system where shape, color and motion characteristics of human body are captured in(More)
This paper discusses a practical design experience pertaining to a tracking system employing optical flow. The system was previously extracted from an existing software implementation and modified for FPGA deployment. Details are provided regarding transference of the resulting high-level design to a usable form for FPGA fabrics. Furthermore, discussion is(More)
This work focuses on the search of a sample object (car) in video sequences and images based on shape similarity. We form a new description for cars, using relational graphs in order to annotate the images where the object of interest (OOI) is present. Query by text can be performed afterward to extract images of OOI from an automatically preprocessed(More)
We describe a peer-to-peer multiple-camera architecture for distributed real-time gesture recognition system. Previous work attaches multiple cameras to a server. This simplifies many design problems but is impractical for real-world installations. Our architecture uses a network of relatively inexpensive cameras to gather images in order to provide high(More)
AIM We present the neurodevelopmental outcome of patients with isolated borderline fetal ventriculomegaly. METHODS The present study was carried out at the Department of Pediatric Neurology, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Istanbul University in July-December 2010. Prenatal second trimester detailed ultrasound examinations were performed by obstetricians at the(More)