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As already reported, PGE1 induces a valid erection, when administered intracavernously, without causing prolonged erection or general side effects. We have tested PGE1 (< 20 micrograms) in 180 patients suffering from organic erectile impotence, a complete erection was observed in 130 (72.2%), while incomplete erection was noted in 37 (20.5%). In both groups(More)
The effects of propofol induction (2.5 mg kg-1) and of two continuous infusion rates of propofol (100 and 200 micrograms kg-1 min-1) on baroreflex control of heart rate and on plasma noradrenaline concentration were investigated in 11 unpremedicated patients. Baroreflex function was assessed using a pressor test (phenylephrine) and a depressor test (sodium(More)
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy and tolerability of high-dose (2000microg) intravitreous ganciclovir in the maintenance therapy of CMV retinitis in AIDS patients. MATERIAL and methods: Prospective open study in a single center. The maintenance therapy of CMV retinitis consisted of a single high-dose (2000microg) intravitreous injection per week. The(More)
PURPOSE To assess the tolerability and efficacy of intravitreal injections of foscarnet in cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). METHODS Patients with CMV retinitis resistant and/or intolerant to intravenous foscarnet and ganciclovir and resistant to intravitreal ganciclovir were included. The induction therapy(More)
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