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Biliary stents are liable to clog. We investigated whether a choleretic plus an antibiotic could delay clogging. 20 consecutive patients with a malignant biliary stricture were randomised after endoscopic insertion of a polyethylene stent to receive ursodeoxycholic acid plus norfloxacin (13-15 mg/kg and 400 mg, daily) or conservative treatment. The drug(More)
The blink reflex was studied in four patients with neurinoma of the acoustic nerve and in two patients with trigeminal neurinoma. It was abnormal in all cases except in one neurinoma of the acoustic nerve inside the canal. The jaw reflex, studied in four cases, showed unilateral impairment in two cases of trigeminal neurinoma and one case of acoustic(More)
Three cases of central nervous system involvement in Waldenström's macroglobulinemia (Bing Neel's syndrome) are reported. Such cases are unusual and have a poor prognosis. One patient received chemotherapy including BCNU, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, melphalan and prednisolone, which was followed by a dramatic improvement. The pathogenesis of Bing Neel's(More)
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