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2,5-Dimethylpyrazine (2,5-DMP) and tetramethylpyrazine (TTMP) were produced using Bacillus subtilis IFO 3013 grown on soybeans. Solid-state cultivations were carried out either in 100-ml bottles or in a fixed-bed column reactor, both systems being at 27 °C. Optimization studies showed that the best way to produce the two above aroma compounds involved two(More)
PNH is a disorder of the pluripotent stem cells resulting in a deficient expression of membrane-bound GPI-anchored proteins in different cell types. Several flow cytometric approaches are designed to detect this antigen deficiency. But they all require drawing and testing of normal samples as control. Therefore, in the present study two flow cytometric(More)
The dehydrogenation of [1-(13)C]- and [2-(13)C]glucose into gluconate was monitored by NMR spectroscopy in living cell suspensions of two Rhizobium meliloti strains. The synthesis of gluconate was accompanied, in the cellular environment, by the formation of two gluconolactones, a gamma-lactone being detected in addition to the expected delta-lactone. These(More)
Hereditary xerocytosis (HX) is a rare haemolytic disease due to dehydrated red blood cells (RBCs). A unique feature of this syndrome is that affected members often show normal or near normal haemoglobin levels despite clinical and laboratory evidence of mild to moderate haemolysis. The diagnostic clue is the association of markedly increased RBC Na+ + K+(More)
An up-regulation of the surface marker CD11b has been demonstrated during polymorphonuclear (PMN) cell activation. CD11b over-expression is often associated with inflammation and is considered as an early marker of infection. However, the absence of standardized assay and the variability of preanalytical settings leading to PMN artifactual activation have(More)
The Abbott (R) Cell-Dyn 3500 (Abbott CD 3500, Abbott Diagnostics Division, Mountain View, CA) is a fully automated hematology analyzer capable of providing a complete blood count (CBC) profile, including a five-part differential leukocyte count (DLC) and flagging system in this study. The CBC profile and DLC flagging system of the Abbott CD 3500 were(More)
We present two Spanish children with hereditary elliptopoikilocytosis. The mother displayed a symptomless elliptocytosis. Spectrin maps showed the alpha I/50-46b abnormality in the mother and in the children. The change was more conspicuous in the children than in the mother. The father carried the alpha V/41 allele, which is a common allele endowed with(More)
A procedure for determination of the intracellular water content of cells using a single, nonlabeled solute as an interstitial space marker is proposed. Sodium thiosulfate, which can be accurately assayed by a tritrimetric method, is found to be a good compound for this purpose. Cells are recovered both by filtration and centrifugation; the two techniques(More)
The efficiency of the GIBCORkit "Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Proliferation Kit" for haemopoietic progenitors cultures, has been assessed in 24 bone marrow samples. The results, compared with those obtained in a parallel study with the routine method used in our laboratory (reference method), suggests that the kit has higher capacity for detecting(More)