I. Bernard Cohen

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We studied the staining pattern of HMB-45 antibody in 29 compound Spitz nevi (SNs) of the epithelioid cell variety, 17 of which showed extension of nevus cells into the reticular dermis (i.e., "deep"); 20 ordinary compound nevi (CNs), all with a deep dermal component; and 22 primary cutaneous invasive malignant melanomas (MMs) (excluding the desmoplastic(More)
Because Howard H. Aiken expressed such an admiration for the ideas of Charles Babbage, the machine he conceived - brought into being through the engineering talents of IBM (the Mark I or ASCC) - is often cited as an example of Babbage's dream come true. This article explores the depth and extent of Aiken's knowledge of Babbage's ideas, the stage of his own(More)
C. Senko, P. Richerme, J. Smith, A. Lee, I. Cohen, A. Retzker, and C. Monroe Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland Department of Physics and National Institute of Standards and Technology, College Park, Maryland 20742, USA Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91904, Givat Ram, Israel (Received 6 October 2014;(More)
There has been much speculation concerning the early use of the word "bug" in the language of computer science, technology, and practice. The purpose of the article is to indicate what may be the earliest application of "bug" in the context of computers. When the IBM ASCC/Harvard Mark I was installed at Harvard University, Robert V.D. Campbell was in charge(More)
Very early in the development of the RCA Bizmac system it was recognized that large-scale data-handling applications presented particular requirements which could not be met by the multiplication of data-processing devices alone. The size and complexity of such applications were such that several departures from the organization of earlier data-processing(More)