I. Berkelmans

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This work aimed to see whether (1) biofeedback is useful and (2) whether it needs to be combined with psychotherapy in sexually abused patients with anismus. Fifteen women aged 41.2±4.1 years who had experienced sexual abuse in childhood (9 cases) or adulthood (6 cases) and complained of symptoms of irritable bowel disease were studied. Anismus was recorded(More)
AIM The study aimed to quantify incontinence before and after laparoscopic rectopexy in patients suffering from rectal prolapse. METHOD Eighty-five patients underwent laparoscopic rectopexy to treat rectal prolapse between 2003 and 2009. Symptomatic and functional data were collected prospectively before and after surgery by self-administered(More)
OBJECTIVES Few studies have focused on reproductive health care for women with spina bifida. This subject is rarely discussed, whether in patient groups or in the medical community. However, these patients need advice and a care that is appropriate to their condition. METHODS In association with the spina bifida reference center of the University Hospital(More)
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